Electric Road to COP 26 in Glasgow September 27, 2021 | Author: admin

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EV-drivers from Europe driving to Glasgow with important message!

EV drivers from countries in Europe are planning to be driving to COP26 to bring an important message to Glasgow about electric driving.  ‘A shift to electric transport is essential to quickly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reducing dangerous climate change, improving local air quality and reducing respiratory diseases in cities around the world. With the rapid improvements in EV technology and the new vehicles coming into the market over the coming months, it is entirely achievable’ A rapid shift to electric transport can be achieved through supportive policies in each country. For example, the market share for plug-in vehicles in Germany grew from 3% in 2019 to 13.5% in 2020 and the UK market went from 3.2% to 10.7% in the same period, as quoted by the Global EV Alliance (GEVA).


This goal of this rally is to deliver a message, from EV drivers of the world to the COP 26, carried out in 100% electric vehicles to Glasgow, by multiple European grass roots associations, supported by other global associations through GEVA. For many months, and for some years, representing Electric Vehicles owners associations are meeting online. Our network of associations decided to take advantage of the COP 26 organization in Scotland to carry out in a spectacular manner (a convoy of cars from many European country) a simple global message: all new cars and vans sold have a plug in by 2030 and that by 2035 all new cars and light duty vans being sold in these markets should be fully zero emission. This matches the Routezero ambition for the world’s leading car markets in 2035 and COP 26 global goals for 2040.

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More information on the route and participants: 

Here you can find more detailled information on the route and the participants





Whether the continental drivers will be able to reach Glasgow will depend on the COVID situation and restrictions in place between continental countries and the UK at  the time of the event. The outdoor UK events will go ahead in the UK the weekend of 30/31 October however again final plans for any indoor events in Glasgow depend on the COVID restrictions and whether there are any changes to the COP 26 meeting in person plans. Some drivers could decide to go to Brussels only (no time to go further, worries about sanitary constraints, lack of financial means…) but their flags + roll-ups will be transmitted to the others drivers, to be deployed in Glasgow.

More information?

Continental part of the rally: stephane_semeria@yahoo.fr

UK part of the rally: rolle.nieminen@evaengland.org.uk

EVents on COP 26: bridget.phelps@evaengland.org.uk