About Us
Global Alliance of EV Drivers' Associations
We facilitate global collaboration on best practices, policies, education, and other EV related initiatives.
We believe that zero emission mobility is necessary to combat climate change.
Our goal is a planet where all transportation is sustainable, clean, and electric!

The Global EV Drivers Association’s ambition is to be the voice of the electric vehicle movement all around the globe. We want to collect best practices, inspiration and information from EV drivers organizations and their members in order to help, inform and inspire each other to accelerate electric mobility in their own regions/countries and worldwide. We are a grass roots non-profit organization.

What do we do ?

  • Share best practices from around the globe
  • Give information and inspiration
  • Represent the voice of EV drivers in policy discussions
  • Consumer protection for EV drivers

How do we do that?

We have different committee’s to structure the organization. The committees are staffed by volunteers from member organisations. Admission is open to all members. Please contact us if you want to join one of the committee’s.

  • Steering and Governance Board. This board collects input from members and offers non-binding guidance to the organisation.
  • Membership. This is a small team who maintains a current list of members and will strive to actively seek additional members. The group will validate potential applicants to ensure that they represent bona-fide EV owners’ groups in a specific region. The list of members will be published on the website in order to facilitate global ad-hoc collaboration as needed. Members’ email addresses will be kept confidential – contact will be via web-form.
  • Policy research. This group will compile EV policy positions of all members and organise it into common themes to be openly published as resources for all members and be the basis for ad-hoc collaboration and reference by members where synergetic policies exist and align.
  • Factual research. This group will research links to factual EV resources to be published as an online reference library for all members to aid the work they do in their jurisdiction.
  • Communication and Media.This team of volunteers will build and maintain an online resource that disseminates information assembled by the other working groups.