Do you want to become a member? If you want to join GEVA please contact us or you can fill in our membership form.

Any incorporated or ad-hoc regional, provincial, or national EV owners’ association may join.  We seek to be inclusive and value input and collaboration from both large and small organizations. However, membership is intended for groups that operate and represent owners in a specific region; online-only or non-territorial groups are excluded from membership.

  • Voting membership is for mature associations that mainly represent EV drivers. This includes the ability to vote.
  • Non-voting membership is available for organizations that are still in a start-up phase, or represent a single brand only, for ‘hybrid’ organizations that also include industry or other partners or for environmental NGOs with activities/knowledge synergetic to EV drivers.
  • A meeting attendee status is available for industry associations that want to join our general meetings to better understand the wants and needs of EV drivers and support the change to EV drive trains but don’t meet membership criteria.

There is no membership fee.  The organisation strives to be easily accessible to leaders of EV groups and wishes to ensure that membership fees do not pose a barrier to collaboration with like-minded leaders and resources at the organisation.

Do you want to become a member? Please contact us or you can fill in our membership form.

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