Electric Route to COP 26!

Great photo gallery of the Electric Road to COP26 from Magnus Johansson here:











The Electric Road to COP26 is at the Kelpies!
















All ready at myenergi for the EV drivers on the Electric Road to COP26. Image courtesy of Ric Boullemier @generatemedia_


The Electric Road to COP26 on the 6pm ITV Anglia News: https://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2021-10-29/the-drive-to-go-green-the-car-convoy-urging-us-to-switch-to-electric







EVs on the Electric Road to COP26 at GRIDSERVE, Braintree







EV drivers from the Global EV Drivers’ Alliance (GEVA) have started on the #EVRoadToCOP from the Atomium in Brussels to call for a faster global move to EVs, and are heading to the UK visit companies who are at the forefront of electric vehicle innovation, including GRIDSERVE, myenergi and Britishvolt, ending up with EVA Scotland before COP26.

All about the route to COP 26

Pre-meeting in Paris for few cars (France and Portugal ones) on Tuesday 26th October, in the evening


Global meeting on Wednesday 27th October in the afternoon at the Wavre Brussels West NOVOTEL where we will share a meeting and dinner.

The EU drivers will drive in Brussels, on Thursday 28th October (morning) to give a message of support to the EU’s proposals for a green new deal and EV adoption by 2035. The electric cars participating in the rally (but also supporters) will gather as close as possible to the Atomium in the north of Brussels for pictures.

Then a lunch will be shared as we are invited by AVERE Europe.

After the lunch, the EVs will join Gavelines, on the “Place d’armes”, where the city should organise an event, with speaking time and a friendship glass. At least, we will visit this beautiful city.

We will also make a stop near the city hall of Calais, a really impressive building, before dinner and joining the hotel.

Note : The continental part of the rally has been coordinated by FFAUVE – the French federation , with the precious help of the Belgium EV users association AMPERES for the Brussels stage.

Once in the UK via Eurotunnel, the drivers will meet EV drivers from EVA England. The route through England will include events on October 29/30 with local community EV drivers from EV Groups and visits of innovative businesses in the UK.

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The first stop once in UK the 29th of october 10:00 am is Gridserve : Electric Forecourt, Braintree




The next stop on the same day is Myenergi, Grimsby

On Saturday the 30th of October, there are two events at Britishvolt – one will be for continental and UK ev drivers and selected guests on site with presentations about Britishvolt. The other will be an event on the Blyth seafront nearby where members of the public will be able to try driving EVs provided by OctopusEVs one the other UK COP events partners.

In Scotland, EVA Scotland organise an EV event on Sunday 31st October with Falkirk Council and Forth Valley College

    Visit and photos at The Kelpies

Final event at the Alexander Clark innovation centre in Glasgow bringing GEVA’s message to the heart of COP.






Whether the continental drivers will be able to reach Glasgow will depend on the COVID situation and restrictions in place between continental countries and the UK at  the time of the event. The outdoor UK events will go ahead in the UK the weekend of 30/31 October however again final plans for any indoor events in Glasgow depend on the COVID restrictions and whether there are any changes to the COP 26 meeting in person plans. Some drivers could decide to go to Brussels only (no time to go further, worries about sanitary constraints, lack of financial means…) but their flags + roll-ups will be transmitted to the others drivers, to be deployed in Glasgow.

More information?

Continental part of the rally: stephane_semeria@yahoo.fr

UK part of the rally: rolle.nieminen@evaengland.org.uk

EVents on COP 26: bridget.phelps@evaengland.org.uk


Participants, country by country 

European EV drivers are planning to drive their EVs from all corners of Europe joining UK drivers to arrive in Glasgow COP 26 in the week  before COP 26’s crucial meeting starts. We are diverse drivers driving different cars from 8 countries in continental Europe :

Belgium (1 car / association www.amperes.be)

sponsor :

France (2 cars : associations FFAUVE and TESLA Owners Club France)

sponsors :


Stephane and Loic (www.ffauve.org and www.forumvega.fr)

Philippe (TOCF)

Portugal  (2 cars : association UVE)

Sponsor :

Sweden (1 car : association www.elbilsverige.se)

Magnus and Ingegerd

Netherlands (2 cars : association www.evrijders.nl)

Jan and Maarten, his son

Jeroen’s team



GERMANY (2 cars : association electrify-bw.de)


and Johannes




SLOVENIA (1 car : association dems.si)

Sponsors :


  and     Stanislav

Italy (1 car )

IDEA – Italian Driver’s EV Association

  Elena and Adriano