Better New Zealand Trust

The Better NZ Trust was founded in 2015 and is a community of drivers, enthusiasts, and advocates who are helping to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles in New Zealand by sharing knowledge and passion through public events and outreach, as well as strategic engagement with other stakeholders. 

“Leading The Charge” is a project of the Better NZ Trust, whose vision is to create environmental, financial and health benefits for all New Zealanders through education, and assisting in the adoption of zero carbon renewable energy technologies.

The BNZT is a proud member of the Global EV Alliance.

 A photo taken in the carpark at Franz Joseph Glacier – on the west coast of the South Island in 2017 – when the charging infrastructure in NZ was in its infancy – these cars drove from Invercargill (tip of the South Island) to Cape Reinga (top of the North Island) in 3 weeks, utilising what infrastructure there was, and depending on slow charging overnight at motels. Not only do the cars look magnificent, but this photo highlights a glacier in a temperate rainforest!

Wind the clock forward to 2022 – The ELECTRICANA event in New Plymouth on a wet and windy April day! But look at the range of cars on display – an amazing increase in models available in NZ – and after all we are at the end of the world when it comes to car deliveries! There are many models of EV available in Europe which will never see NZ shores – but we make the best of what we do have!

The Better NZ TrustChair – Kathryn Trounson
Treasurer – Sean Dick

Roughly 1500 members of which 12 are considered regional champions.

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