Association of Electric Vehicle Owners in Bulgaria

ASEB, or the Association of Electric Vehicle Owners in Bulgaria, is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting electric mobility in the country. By working together with EV owners, EV suppliers, government representatives, and other stakeholders, we aim to improve charging infrastructure, advocate policies that support electric vehicle usage, and provide valuable information to consumers.

ASEB recognizes the value of sharing experiences and practices among electric car drivers. The main objective is to facilitate effective dialogue between electric car owners, government institutions, society, local administration, media and businesses to promote electric vehicles as the most viable future choice for every citizen and business.
ASEB is committed to making electric cars the preferred option for personal and business vehicles in Bulgaria, with the aim of eliminating air pollution caused by exhaust gases from internal combustion engines. To achieve their mission, we focus on organizing events, engaging in active dialogue with institutions, investing in community building, creating active partnerships with businesses and organizations, and supporting companies looking to electrify their car fleet.