Funding opportunity for EV non profits May 8, 2023 | Author: Ellen Hiep

The Drive Electric Campaign’s LEAP Fund (Leapfrogging to E-mobility Acceleration Partnership) is now accepting applications by May 19, 2023. Projects implemented by non-profits headquartered in eligible emerging economies that seek to advance smart government policies, business leadership, and/or community coalitions in support of zero emission mobility are eligible. Check out the PDF attached for more information on eligible and ineligible projects, as well as other procedural details. All grants are $150,000 over 2 years and some projects may qualify for lower funding or shorter grant terms. Projects that seek to advance a national vehicle regulation may qualify for a larger award.  
This new effort from Drive Electric supported leadership in emerging economies to advance zero emission transportation and avoid the lock-in of fossil-fueled vehicles by “leapfrogging” over combustion. As part of the fund’s first phase, 10 projects in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia received funding totaling $1 million in grants.