Dutch Association of EV-drivers (VER)

The Dutch Electric Vehicle Drivers Organization, commonly known as VER (Vereniging Elektrische Rijders), is a prominent advocacy group in the Netherlands dedicated to advancing the interests of electric vehicle (EV) owners and promoting sustainable transportation. VER plays a crucial role in advocating for EV-friendly policies, fostering community among EV enthusiasts, and providing valuable information and support to its members. Through their efforts, VER contributes significantly to the growth of the electric vehicle market in the Netherlands, helping to reduce carbon emissions and promote a greener and more sustainable future for the country’s transportation sector. VER started the association in 2015 and has almost 15.000 members (2023).

VER focusses on three topics:

    • Lobby on national and regional level
    • Information to (potential) EV drivers through EV helpdesk
    • Building a national EV community