New Mobility Congress 2024

The New Mobility Congress is the largest industry conference focused solely on e-mobility, serving as a premier platform for high-level exchange of ideas and expertise. Year after year, it brings together a diverse range of key stakeholders from the entire zero-emission transport value chain, as well as seasoned professionals in the e-mobility market in Poland and across Europe. Industry leaders, technology and infrastructure companies, energy and fuel companies, transport operators, rising startups, and decision-makers converge to engage in thought-provoking discussions on market-introduced technologies and to explore innovative business models and partnerships that ensure the successful implementation of new mobility projects. All of these efforts are aimed at reducing emissions and facilitating the safe and sustainable transportation of people, goods, and services throughout Poland.

The venue for KNM 2023 conference and EXPO is the EXPO Łódź facility.


  • With the involvement of several hundred partners, we have been successfully building the brand of the fastest-growing e-Mobility industry event in the CEE region since 2019.
  • PSPA  has created a unique venue for key stakeholders in the zero-emission transport technology sector from across Europe to exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas.
  • Year after year, the industry dialogue as part of the New Mobility Congress reaches a higher level of content, with a majority of participants professionally involved in the new mobility market.
  • As business needs mobility and new mobility needs business, the congress is attended by companies from a wide range of industries and sectors for whom ESG and sustainable development are of key importance.
  • The distinctive approach of the Congress is characterized by an open, workshop-style format that emphasizes building partnerships and fostering cooperation. Over several editions, we have successfully connected and supported various market participants.
  • The Congress has gained an increasingly international profile, with bilingual coverage, and attracts a diverse range of decision-makers and C-Level stakeholders from Europe and beyond.

3-day congress featuring 5 stages
400 speakers and panelists
2,000 participants
250 program items
100 media representatives

Who is it for?

  • The New Mobility Congress attracts entities who are already active in the market – practitioners, experts, leaders, and innovators in sustainable mobility. It is also intended for companies and institutions interested in developing zero-emission technologies as part of their organization and their operating environment.
  • Between 26 and 28 September this year, we will bring together vehicle and infrastructure manufacturers, charging service operators and  providers, technology companies, fleets and transport companies, energy and fuel companies, as well as emerging start-ups and institutions funding new mobility.
  • All of these companies will come together to discuss upcoming market technologies, identify new business models, infrastructure requirements, and partnerships to ensure that mobility projects are implemented to enable sustainable transport of people and goods in Europe.
  • As in previous years, the Congress will also welcome politicians, EU and national policy makers, representatives of central and local administration units, including city mayors, diplomats, opinion leaders, major think tanks, scholars and market stakeholders from across CEE who are active in the field of zero-emission technologies.


  • The New Mobility Congress (KNM) is the largest trade fair for zero-emission technologies in the CEE region. This is the first exhibition zone and state-of-the-art product park of its kind in this part of Europe.
  • PSPA offers manufacturers and suppliers a wide range of exhibition opportunities to showcase themselves, their products, and services to a global audience comprising both B2B and B2C segments.
  • It assures the exchange of experiences, the establishment of relationships, and the creation of partnerships, ultimately facilitating seamless connections between buyers and sellers within the zero-emission transport value chain.
  • Networking and matchmaking at the New Mobility Congress 2023, as every year, focus on identifying opportunities and business models that foster joint projects.
  • The EXPO Stage and Zone offer a great venue for market premieres, product presentations, debates, and keynote speeches with high relational and sales potential.
  • The unique exhibition space of the multifunctional EXPO Łódź facility allows partners to arrange their space in an attractive and modern way.

2 exhibition zones
13,000 sqm
200 exhibitors from the region
2,000 visitors
20 premieres

Who is it for?

  • EXPO of the New Mobility Congress 2023 is meant to attract companies and institutions involved in sustainable transport, who want to reach new or existing customers. We offer customized partner or exhibitor packages.
  • The B2B exhibition zone offers professional exposure, enabling valuable engagement with practitioners and experts in the rapidly growing e-mobility market. Additionally, it presents an opportunity to integrate with related industries and showcase technologies to market participants from diverse sectors.
  • The B2C Zones, on the other hand, provide a unique opportunity to connect with a range of numerous end-users and gather customer feedback and insights. Suppliers and consumers of zero-emission technologies will gather in one place at the same time.

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